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IT Infrastructure

Custom Application Development

Our services, especially focus on Project Management and Design of Facility requirements for Enterprise Technology Infrastructure, IT, Network and Systems Communications/Conference Rooms, Labs, Data and Network centers, including EPBX, Telecommunications, Voice and Data Systems, Cable laying and IT Infrastructure Solutions, providing complete Technology Project Planning & Vendor Management.

Our crucial objective is to project an impressive and flexible physical infrastructure maximizing the effective space utilization of all of your Technology areas within the facility to accommodate today's ever changing needs and demands for future expansion or reconfiguration of your facilities using sound IT Infrastructure architecture principles includes cost effective solutions to the end user.

SAP Upgrade / Migration Services:

Our Server Computing solutions include small, medium sized departmental servers, branch to remote office servers, Application, and Database servers to run enterprise application tasks as well as Business Continuity Servers (BCS) for data center & Server Virtualization.

  1. Remote Server
  2. Mail Server,
  3. Windows Server Management
Backup and Storage Management Services

To ensure organization’s data security and scalability, we provide a comprehensive storage management services, including the design and implementation of SAN/NAS/DAS/Backup solutions.

Our Storage sub-system solutions range from Just a Bunch of Disk (JBOD) arrays, DAS, NAS, SAN to HPC-SAN storages.

Today, we have a highly capable team which can help you with assessment, design and architect solutions, deploy and manages storage Systems in the areas of:

Data storage by product category:
  1. Disk Storage Systems
  2. Disk Backup Systems
  3. Tape Drives & Blades

AcuteSoft’s 24/7 Desktop Management System provides the comprehensive preventive maintenance services your computer needs without delay or interruption to your business. Regularly scheduled and automated updates ensure maximum productivity, security, uptime, and performance of your desktop environment.

Our Desktop Management services cover the entire ‘life cycle’ of desktop environments, from deploying the desktops and software, to running the network and supporting the users. Daily antivirus signature checks, spyware scans and removal, and temp file deletion are all part of intelligent agent desktop optimization.

We can also help you manage your hardware assets, technology refresh programs and routine provisioning tasks that can ease the load of your in-house team, and help you focus on strategic initiatives.


  1. Minimized downtime and improved productivity.
  2. Maximize ROI by capitalizing on existing IT infrastructure investment.
  3. On-demand customer service.
  4. Minimize downtime and cycle-time of deploying new applications and servers.
  5. More accountability, agility and better return on IT.

Our service offers include all the activities, undertakings, policies, best practices and tools to ensure the optimal Operation, Governance, Allowance, Support and Provisioning of our Customer’s network environment and management.

We provide a comprehensive of consulting services to all our customers, including analyzing their critical businesses, technical and operational requirements. We obtain the thorough understanding of the company’s needs in order to recommend and plan for the most effective solution.


  1. Networking Design
  2. Structured Cabling
  3. Wireless Networking
  4. Router & Switch Configuration
  5. Network Security
  6. Email Security
  7. Web Security
  8. Firewall Security
  9. Security Incident & Event Management
  10. Security & Risk Consulting