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Software Testing & QA

Software Testing & QA Services

Futurecareer Solutions has a team of software development professionals that is not just another assembly shop. Quality is at the very center of our philosophy that is introduced from the initial stages of the process – we start testing your idea from the first call and proceed into the development and support phases to make sure that you get the maximum ROI in your application through its fault-proof performance and impeccable reputation of your business in the eyes of end-users.

Quality of Your Software:

  1. Mobile Application Testing
  2. UX & Usability Testing
  3. Security Testing
  4. Load & Performance Testing
  5. Data Integration Testing & ETL
  6. Code Audit & Data Migration Testing
Plan, Execute, Analyze & Optimize

At Futurecareer Solutions we don't do busywork, we review our performance after each iteration to analyze and optimize the testing process. We'll automate manual testing when we clearly see that the automation is reasonable to spare our own energy and our clients' budget.

Testing activities we perform:

Testing Tools Testing Activities
1. Test Complete 1. Designing Test Solutions
2. QuickTest Professional 2. Test Planning
3. Load Runner 3. Test Management
4. Test Director 4. Integration Testing
5. Test Link 5. Automation Testing

Our QA engineers and certified software testing specialists will help companies experiencing resource shortage outstretch their quality guardians teams with required skills and talent and make their projects see the world according to time and budget schedules and at its best quality.